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Wooden Hut

Children Of The North Project Corp.

Empowering Children, Empowering Communities, Empowering Change.



During a trip to the Sahtu region of Canada, White Wolf gave a presentation on solar power to the high school students of Déline. From there, the young minds developed three wishes for their region and named a company called The Children Of The North Public Trading Company. Today, Children Of The North Project Corp. has the mission to fulfill these three wishes for all 630 indigenous communities across Canada:

  • Shift the power dynamic between utility companies and indigenous peoples to give back power to our people while eliminating the need for diesel generator power and fossil fuels which continue to ruin our way of life

  • Establish community centers in all communities for indigenous people to learn about their culture, traditions, renewable energy, and job skill training while sharing their stories with the world

  • Using clean water, community centers, and renewable power, we can rehabilitate the homeless back into society by healing them, according to the Dene 13 Teachings of Life.

Image by American Public Power Association
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